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Greetings To You   
Thanks for visiting!
I am a Electronic Music Composer and Producer
And I hope you enjoy my musical creations, composed on synthesizers, bass, electric guitars, midi drum machines, and now virtual drum, percussion, and synthesizer software programs.  Majualwun Music Productions is focused on providing a variety of musical styles created for your purchase, and enjoyment. The styles vary, from the many worldly grooves of our planet Earth, to the more spacey ambient sound tracks interpretations of my imaginations. My quest is to write music tracks for the different moods we experience in our everyday life. Perhaps you'll hear something on this site that could help get you to that place, space, and time.  I feel that to be able to create music that is truly universal, and transmitting  musical sound waves which could bring about peace, tranquility, and enjoyment, to the listener's mind, heart, and soul, would be my greatest achievement. To date,  I've  been writing for 37 years as a (part-time) musician, and composer, and have been continuously transforming what I hear in my head, into electronic music played on guitars, drum machines, and synthesizers. I am at ease, and confident when it comes to my art in creating my ideas into music of different styles."This is my passion, which continues to grow. For I believe that true success is not how much you've earned from your creations, (that's just the recognized reward you get for it).. But, true success for the true musician and composer is whether you sound better today, then you did yesterday". And this, I'll forever try to achieve. The music I've written  is both commercial and non-commercial.  But it is mostly non-commercial intended for those who seek to hear more diverse music than what is presently being played in the main stream music media.  So having this web site on the internet enables me to share with the world, what I enjoy creating. This is truly a blessing, and I give my love, praise, and gratitude to the " Most  High "... And  many thanks to all who have supported me in the past,  " One Love".
                                         Welcome To My World
                                              Peace Be Upon You 
                                           James "Semaj" Shakoor
  Musician,  Composer, and Producer of  Majualwun Music Productions
                                                                                                                                                  This site is still morphing so please bare with me. I'll have it right real soon. But stay in touch, and if you have any comments, or questions, please feel free to contact me.
I hope to see you again! Check back soon for photos, a few videos, and the CD release updates.
                                       There's much more coming!
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